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Most Important Qualitative Analysis For Stock Picking

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Most Important Qualitative Analysis For Stock Picking

Qualitative Analysis to pick the "best stocks"

The Key to winning stock picks is an investors ability to seek outstanding companies at sensible prices, not mediocre ones at bargain prices!

The top 13 Questions to use to find Red Hot Stocks:

  1. What is companies primary business?
  2. Do you understand that business?
  3. Are future results predictable?
  4. Is the company a leader (number one or two) in its industry?
  5. Does the company have a record of generating substantial free cash flow? (allows company to with stand slumps, seize investment opportunities, increase dividends, or repurchase shares)
  6. Does the company produce an attractive product(s) or service(s) that are needed and likely to be needed for a long time in the Future?
  7. Lack competition?
  8. Low overhead?
  9. Portable?
  10. Free of regulation?
  11. Management competent?
  12. Likely to become better, not just bigger?
  13. Can you buy it below intrinsic value?

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