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Best Way to Find Hot Stocks

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Best Way to Find Hot Stocks

The Best Way to Find Hot Stocks is to do some research. Once you have made a list of stocks you are interested in it is beneficial to do a full analysis of each company or get someone with more knowledge of investments such as an investment advisor to carry out the rest of the research.

The Best Place to research stocks for initial discovery is through Research Reports, Newsletters, Magazines, and investment blogs.

There are many good sources to discover stocks: Investors Digest, the Money Letter, The Money Reporter, the Zweig Forecast, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, etc.

The newest method to find great stocks to invest in is to search blogs. Google Search: Investment Advice Blogs -- and you will find a number of great blogs listing hot stocks and good opinions about the stock market in general.

Another place to look for stocks to invest in is through Annual Reports and Broker's Packages. You can usually get these by phoning up any public company and asking to be sent a 'Broker's Package'. Do note that these are usually glossy sales packages that make the issuer look as good as possible. Make sure you look at the Auditors notes at the end of the Annual reports for 'juicy details'.

The common element in all of this research is that once it is printed it is old news and the future is anybodies guess. You can make more informative decisions about the future by doing your research however. So if you want to take the luck and gambling aspect out of investing do your homework. You can never eliminate all of the risks from the stock market but you can significantly improve your chances of success.

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